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Distal Medial Locking Tibia Plates

Distal Medial Locking Tibia Plate, CombiHoles, Titanium

The Distal Medial locking Tibia Plates Are Available;

    The shaft portion of the plate features Combihole, SecureLock and VASholes The head features threaded holes or Vasholes

  • The Distal Femoral Plates Are Compatible With The Following Screws
  • 3.5mm, 2.7mm cortex screws
  • 3.5mm locking screws
  • 2.7mm, 3.5mm locking cancellouse screws locking screws
  • Available in High-N stainless steel and titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V Gr5)
  • Available also sterile-packed
  • Micro surface finishing
Cat.No Holes
1226.1105 5 Left
1226.1107 7 Left
1226.1109 9 Left
1226.1111 11 Left
1226.1205 5 Right
1226.1207 7 Right
1226.1209 9 Right
1226.1211 11 Right