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Clavicle Anterior Medial Locking Plates with lateral extansion

Superior Clavicle CombiHoles Titanium Locking Plates with lateral extansion

The Superior Anterior Locking Plates Are Availabe ;

    Superior Clavicle Locking Plates with lateral extension feature six distal locking holes that accept 2.4mm, 2.7mm locking, 2.4mm cortex and 3.00mm locking cancellouse screws In the shaft, the combiholes accept 3.5mm locking, 3.5mm cortex and 3.5mm cacellous bone screws. It is nesecery and 2.7mm cortex screw can be used.

  • Left and Right Clavicle
  • Available in High-N stainless steel and titanium alloy (Tİ6AI4V Gr5)
  • Available also sterile-packed
  • Micro Surface Finishing
Cat.No Holes
1202.1103 3 Left
1202.1105 5 Left
1202.1107 7 Left
1202.1109 9 Left
1202.1203 3 Right
1202.1205 5 Right
1202.1207 7 Right
1202.1209 9 Right